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Ready Ramp Program is a Success!

Thanks to Augusta Health Foundation and Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation grants totalling $18,000 this year, we have successfully launched our Ready Ramp Program. RHGA has provided over 200 feet of safe wheelchair access to 12 homes.

Two components of this program enable us to respond more quickly to homeowners needing a wheelchair ramp for safe home access--either on a short-term or permanent basis.

Using grant-purchased Roll-A-Ramp product our volunteers have installed, removed and re-install 10-30 foot long ramps at 6 locations this year. These are in place for up to 4 months and then can be replaced with volunteer built pressure-treated lumber ramps.

Groups who only have a few hours, or whose project day is rained out, have been enlisted to pre-build modular ramp sections which are then taken to ramp building sites. Having these sections available enables our volunteer crews to start installing the ramp immediately upon arrival, while other crew members work to build more sections to be stored for the next home.

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